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What is your color benchmark?


What is your SPST?

Retail Per Service Ticket

How do you calculate your Booked Hours?

Total hours reserved / total potential hours

What was the first ever Aveda product?

Clove Shampoo

True or False?

You should perform the Service Cycle on each and every guest.


The service cycle is part of our culture and should be routine!

What is your RPTC (retail) benchmark?


What % of guests should be purchasing product?


What do your Potential Hours mean?

Your hours available for appointments

What is the first step in the service cycle?


True or False

Pre-Booking a guest has little to no impact on your service sales?


Pre-Booking a guest is proven to greatly increase your income!

Who founded Aveda?

Horst Rechelbacher

What is your New Guest Retention benchmark?


What does your 'Productivity' mean?

The percentage of time you are with a guest

True or False

Your price for a haircut increases by $5 every time you level up?


Your price for all cut and color services increases by $5!

True or False

A guest is 'retained' if they visit again 95 days after their last appointment?


A guest is retained if they return within 90 days of their last visit

Recognition Badges

Badges signify personal and professional achievements, ranging from career advances and engagement to education and volunteer work.

Top Hair Colorist

2022 Top 10 Stylist Award Winners

Top 10 Producer

2022 Top 10 Stylist Award Winners

Social Media Guru

2022 Top 10 Stylist Award Winners

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