Earth Month Raffle

50/50 Raffle Ticket Sale

Each year Acapello and Mensroom raise money for Clean Water – and we need your help. As you know, community efforts both locally and globally are part of our company values. This year we made it easy! All you need to do is sell a minimum of $100.00 in raffle tickets. Ask guests, family, and friends to support you in making it possible for everyone in the world to have access to clean water!

1 Ticket: $5 | 3 Tickets: $10 | 10 Tickets: $20

Proceeds Benefit:

Charity: Water Organization

Global Partner

Natural Resources Council

Local Partner

How It Works

Each location has a roll of blue raffle tickets at the front desk (if you take them you must pay for them).

  1.  Put a mason jar and an envelope at your station.
  2.  Style your jar, put a sign around it, decorate your mirror – anything you think will bring attention to our cause.
  3.  Post on your social pages.
  4.  Consider prepaying for your tickets so you can take them out of the salon to sell.

The person that sells the most will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 

The person that sells the least will receive a Shampoo, Style with Hot tools + rituals and makeup from TINA! 

Important Reminders

  • Raffle tickets must include guest name and phone number.
  • Fundraiser begins now through April 30, 2022 (May 2nd on drawing on FB LIVE @ 5p)
  • If everyone does their part the raffle winner could win $1000.00 or more ( the more we collect the more they can win)
  • Employees may also buy tickets
  • You will be held accountable to turn in all money for all tickets
  • Please note if the guest has a preference for a charity (global/local)

CASH ONLY PLEASE. If absolutely necessary there is a code in the computer for NRCM to add to a credit card. You are personally responsible for tracking that!

If your collections do not add up you will be responsible for the difference.

Good luck and have fun!

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