3.1 Benefits

Discover the benefits of using the Service Cycle on each and every guest.

✓ Recipe for Success

Purposefully using these skills enables you to truly make the guest feel welcomed, heard, and cared for. This helps you successfully address their needs and improve your guest retention. Guests will walk away on a paved path to their vision of beauty.

✓ Greater Understanding

Establishing a connection means that when you begin asking questions and start exploring their concerns, you are more likely to get the full picture of their needs. When you Provide Solutions and Confirm, you are further ensuring you understand your guest.

✓ Shift from “Selling” to Sharing

By spending time with your guests, you build rapport. Once you truly identify their needs, you won’t feel as if you’re pushing a product. Instead, you are responding to their needs and making a professional recommendation based on your expertise.