Aveda Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Welcome to the Acapello Aveda Ambassador Program. Aveda Ambassadors are a critical to the overall success of our salons, and an opportunity for you to grow in your career. But first, are you a…

  • Good Communicator
  • Initiative Taker
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Influencer
  • Passionate Mentor and Peer Educator
  • Team Member with strong retail sales
  • Lover of Aveda
  • Problem Solver
  • Exceptional Aveda Service Provider

If that’s a YES! – then we’re looking for one representative from each of our salons (technical or non-technical individual) with these key attributes to become an ambassador today!

Product Knowledge

Aveda has a variety of product focuses your team needs to know and get excited about! There are tools to help you communicate these focuses. During each monthly Ambassador Call, Ambassador Roundtable, and through posts on the Ambassador Forum, you'll receive action items to bring these tools to life at your location.

Service Expertise

Whether on the retail floor or behind the chair, the Aveda Service Cycle and Points of Difference Wheel allow team members to elevate the guest experience while also maximizing their retail opportunities. The role of the Ambassador is to be an expert on service behaviors and to inspire their team to elevate their own.


Inspire your team to do more with Aveda! The Aveda Ambassador’s role is to be the conduit of communication from Aveda back to your team so that the same message is going to all salons and all team members. An Ambassador should help a salon/spa team member feel like they are being spoken to directly from Aveda.

Social Media Guru

Social media is the most effective way to communicate directly to your guests regarding upcoming events, new products, product and/or service specials. It's also a highly effective tool to bring in new guests and to inspire and engage existing guests to get to know your work even better through your own professional account.

Education Champion

Ambassadors have all the tools needed to get new team members engaged with Aveda as well as help keep all team members engaged through education. These tools will help you to teach, coach and inspire your team. Additionally, you will be able to help all team members gain access to ongoing resources for technical development, shows and events.

Become an Ambassador

Ready to take your career to the next level? Submit a request to become an Aveda Ambassador below.

Recognition Badges

Badges signify personal and professional achievements, ranging from career advances and engagement to education and volunteer work.

Top Hair Colorist

2022 Top 10 Stylist Award Winners

Top 10 Producer

2022 Top 10 Stylist Award Winners

Social Media Guru

2022 Top 10 Stylist Award Winners

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